Lets Unlock This Rock

Well, the Isle of Man officially came out of Covid19 lockdown on Thursday 18th June so our Jamie decided it was well past time to start rocking this little piece of real estate in the Irish Sea. And where else to start than by besieging the hallowed cellars of that now famous Manx giant of alcoholic entrepreneurship, King Juan of The Comptons. There on Friday gathered the courtiers and serfs of the mighty Manxman to behold a re-awaking of musical mayhem. Jamie had of course previously imbibed of copious quantities of liquor just to get him in the mood for the forthcoming festivities and began entertaining the masses with his usual lung burst ing rendition of popular medieval ditties. Then along came Squire Ian of the Clothworkers to lend his most illustrious support. By this time the masses (mainly due to extravagant amounts of fiery ethanol) were in the mood for more boisterous entertainment so Jamie was joined by that maestro of percussion Lord Joseph of the Cymbals to enlighten them with much Satanic mayhem that ended with many of the tribes finally falling into the pits of despair and debauchery as they made their way somewhat unsteadily back to the safety of their homes. King Juan later decreed that after a rather successful evenings entertainment that a further gathering was to take place the following evening and ordered his Knight Errant Sir Nell to perform before the court with his Bird and Beards